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API Authorization

Requests to the API must be authenticated and authorized.

Token Auth

Endpoints intended for public consumption are token authenticated. The following describes

  1. First an API Client must exchange valid credentials with the /token endpoint, to get an access token.
  2. The token can be used with interactions on all other endpoints until it expires (1 day after issue currently)
    • in the event a token has expired, a new one may be acquired provided credentials are still valid.

Basic Auth

Internally used endpoints (e.g. for the Directory web app to hit) usually just accept the Directory's Client Credentials over Basic Auth, the same mechanism as for requesting a token.

Client Credentials

Valid Client Credentials means a matching record in the ApiClients table for a Client ID and a hashed Client Secret.

Ideally, API Clients are added to Organisations through the Directory Frontend. If that is not an option, it is recommended to use the Directory cli to add clients, or at least to generate credentials.

ApiClients are usually associated with Biobanks and the API verifies that the access token in use is authorised to act on a given Biobank's data.

The Directory cli is the only way to add credentials that aren't Biobank affiliated, for use at a system level (e.g. by the Directory web app).