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Tissue Samples.

The BiobankingUK Directory software allows organisations to easily provide details on samples they can make available for research, safely and anonymously.

📚 Documentation

🌐 Directory Guide

Documentation for using the Directory website.

  • Searching for samples or organisations
  • Managing Organisation Data (Biobank or Network Administrators)
  • Managing the Directory itself (Directory Administrators)

🖥 API Guide

Documentation for accessing and consuming the Directory Web API.

  • Authentication
  • Bulk Data Submission

🛠 Installation Guide

Documentation for installing and maintaining an instance of the software stack.

  • Overview of the stack and its requirements
  • Installing parts of the stack
  • Configuring parts of the stack

👩‍💻 Developer Guide

Documentation for Developers working with the source code.

  • Getting started with the code
  • Running parts of the stack locally
  • Modifying the codebase and contributing to it