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This is a Command Line tool useful for managing some application access tasks.


It can be run from the source, or a build (distributed or built locally).

Running from source requires the .NET 6.0.x SDK or newer.

Base Command

Use the appropriate command from here and then add the command you want to run as documented below.

  • dotnet run -- to run from source next to the Directory.csproj

Get help with the --help option.


The command line interface to administer the application, run commands as dotnet run -- <COMMAND>

  • api-clients : Actions for managing BiobankingUK ApiClients
  • crypto : Actions for working with secure identifiers
  • ref-data : Actions for managing BiobankingUK Reference Data
  • users : Actions for managing BiobankingUK Users


  • -c | --connection-string <CONNECTION-STRING> : Database Connection String if not specified in Configuration


It's a .NET Application, it supports the usual Configuration Sources e.g.

  • User Secrets
  • appsettings.json
  • Environment Variables

Configuration Values

ConnectionStrings:DefaultThe Database connection string for commands which need it.Server=(localdb)\mssqllocaldb;Database=Biobanks
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