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The Directory project is the core piece of the BiobankingUK stack. Everything else in the stack serves to optionally augment the Directory.

It consists of an .NET Core MVC web application, backed by a PostgreSQL database, which interacts with an Elasticsearch server.


ℹ Complete the instructions in Getting Started first.

  1. Enable Corepack

    • Simply run corepack enable in your cli
  2. Install Node Packages

    • Run pnpm i from the project root.
  3. Add a new user

    • Change directory next to the Directory.csproj file.
    • Run dotnet run -- users add <EMAIL> <FULL-NAME> -r <ROLES> -p <PASSWORD>
    • For example: dotnet run -- users add Admin -r SuperUser DirectoryAdmin -p Password1!
    • For local dev use you probably want the roles: SuperUser, and DirectoryAdmin
      • being a SuperUser doesn't automatically put you in the DirectoryAdmin role too. Sorry.
    • See users CLI documentation
  4. Check Email Configuration

    • by default for local development, the app will write emails to ~/temp
    • See Email Sending

Optional steps

To use the Search functionality:

  1. Setup a local Elasticsearch instance