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API Credentials

In order to use the Bulk Submissions service, an Organisation requires credentials for the Directory's API.

These credentials can then be used to access the API directly, or provided to a third party application to handle Bulk Submissions on your behalf.


If at any time you forget your credentials, or need to prevent use of the current credentials, you can generate new ones which will replace (and invalidate) the old ones.

Generating the credentials


Your Directory installation may look a little different.

  1. Log in to your account

    Log in Menu Item
  2. Go to your Organisation's management area

    Organisation Management Menu Item
  3. And the Submissions section

    Organisation Navbar Submissions Tab
  4. View your Client ID and generate a Client Secret

    Generate API credentials
  5. Make a note of your Client Secret! You will not be able to see it again once you leave the page!

    Copy Client Secret